Some Works by Zoltán SZEGEDY-MASZÁK  

Three early works

An illustrated essay by Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák about three early projects outlining his artistic approach to visual media.

Works Concerning Images of Light

An illustrated essay by Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák about his works related to photography

selected works in chronological order

MachinePictures (2021 - onwards)

Indian Ink Drawings

Hardly Readable Works (2020 - onwards)

3D Prints

We cannot See Clearly (2018/2019)

series of lenticular pictures

Visual Communication 2018 – Hommage to Jonathan Swift (2018)

Interactive Installation

A Combinatorial History of Images (2018)

Interactive Installation

Instant Phono-Visual Poetrizator (2016-17)

(Pseudo-Chaotic Dadamaton)

smalltalk 2016: hello stranger! (2016)

Interactive Artificial Intelligence Installation and Webproject

Dissolving Squares (2015)

Interactive Augmented Reality Installation

To Do Lists (2014/15)

series of experimental photographs using lenticular optics

Objects (2014)

series of lenticular prints

a [further] study on the genre of painting: Miklós Barabás (2013)

Interactive Augmented Reality Installation focusing on the works of the nineteenth century Hungarian painter.

In Terms of Hardware (2012/13)

series of experimental photographs using lenticular optics

Language is not a Reliable Instrument (2011/12)

Interactive Audiovisual Installation

a [further] study on the genre of painting (2010/11)

Interactive Augmented Reality Installation. Commissioned project for the exhibition
GATE(WAY)S: Art and Networked Culture

What does Photographing Mean? (2010)

series of silver gelatine experimental photographs

Visual Communication - Hommage to Jonathan Swift (2008/9)

Interactive augmented reality installation.

My most Beautiful Summer Experiences (2007)

series of multi-pinhole photographs

Smalltalk 3.0(2006/2007)

A completely renewed version of the interactive installation addressing Artificial Intelligence

Aura 2.0 - Studies for the Renewed Interactive Installation (2007)

series of c-prints

Oculus Artificialis Teledioptricus 2.0 Re:mbrandt(2006)

A study on the genre of painting - interactive augmented reality installation.
A commissioned work for an exhibition curated for the 400th anniversary of Rembrandt's birthday.

Oculus Artificialis Teledioptricus 1.0 (2005)

A study on Mixed- versus Virtual Realities - interactive computer installation.

Reality Puzzle — Studies (2005)

series of c-prints

Aura 2.0 - Reflections on a Table (2005)

An interactive VR installation based on anamorphic virtual realities. The installation is a continuation of the project "Aura" from 2003.

SeeThrough (2004)

SeeThrough is an interactive networked video-installation designed for public spaces.

Point of View (2004)

Point of View is a virtual reality installation developed for the exhibition "The Hidden Holocaust" (Műcsarnok - Kunsthalle Budapest, 2004).

Blockdiagrams (2003)

series of paintings

Aura (2003)

Aura is an interactive virtual reality installation, first utilizing the new interface-scenario based on a reflective mug, and the (pseudo)anamorphic image rendered and projected in real time around its mirroring surface.

Contemplation (2001-2004)

studies for an interactive installation, series of c-prints

Camouflage (2002)

Camouflage is an interactive stereoscopic VR installation focusing on the space-detection and form recognition capabilities of the human visual perception system. The project is based on fragments from the exAltarcation project, the installation was developed for the exhibition "Vision" (Műcsarnok - Kunsthalle Budapest, 2002).

Camouflage: studies for an interactive installation (2002)

series of c-prints

Steganogram: Stereogram (2002)

series of c-prints

exAltarcation (2001-2002)

exAltarcation is a complex virtual reality and multimedia installation developed for the exhibition "Iconoclash" (ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, 2002). Produced with the support of ZKM in C3 Center for Culture and Communication Budapest.

Promenade: studies for the stereoscopic installation (2001-2002)

series of c-prints

Iconoclash: exAltarcation (2001)

studies for an interactive installation, series of c-prints

Smalltalk (2000)

Smalltalk is an interactive multimedia installation addressing Artificial Intelligence.

Variations on Steganography (1998-2000)

Promenade (1998/2002)

Promenade is a Virtual Reality installation. Besides its original version first exhibited in 1999, a new, stereoscopic version has been developed in 2002 Video documentation:

Promenade: Studies (1998-99)

series of c-prints

DeMedusator (1997-98)

Demedusator is a shared virtual world developed by its visitors. The project was an early attempt to create a multi-user virtual world, in which any visitor - potential participant - can be "creative": the system enables the users to add their - either pre-designed or draft - creatures to the world, let it be a complete virtual world or simply a sound/movie or picture file. For the observer all the contents are appearing in form of a “virtual sculpture”, which is created by the Cryptogram system, containing the encrypted version of the first few hundred bytes of the file. To explore the “original” content the visitor has to touch the Cryptogram: the original content is immediately decoded and shown instead of the encrypted sculpture.

DeMedusator is based on the software environment of the late 90s(JAVA runtime environment and Cosmoplayer VRML plugin), the project was discontinued in 1998. However you can still read its original project description.

Studies on Autostereography (1997)

series of c-prints

Achilleus and the Turtle (1996-2002)

interactive installations, series of digital prints, webproject etc.:

Cryptogram (1995-96)

Cryptogram is an early web-project addressing cryptography and electronic privacy.

Camera-Obscura / Photogram (1994/97)

series of c-prints

Pinhole / Multi-pinhole Photographs (1990-94)

Oscillation (computer-installation, 1991)

Sub Voce (performance and installation, 1991)

Photogram (object, 1990)