This interactive installation explores the moment of iconoclasm within the image itself.
Instead of positing an observer who defaces the world of the observed, it figures the icon as an interface, a breach, a fold, between two interdependent worlds of seeing and being seen.

The icon-as-interface is not an object, found or made, but an event that actively generates the worlds it connects. It is the breaking, the folding, that brings these worlds together and holds them apart. It is the axis of a con­versation, turning to and through the other in a dialogue of interproductive gazes.

The installation space is conceived as an altar where the movements of the visitor alter (break and remake) the images encountered and even the installation space itself. Entering the installation, the visitor picks up a wireless tracking device that can function both as a creative tool and as a destructive weapon. 

Richard Aczel
Márton Fernezelyi
Robert Koch
Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák